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Thursday, 8 September 2016

DT Reflection

DT Reflection 
Today at discovery time I made slime with Felix and Andre down at the courts table.
I noticed Andre because he really wanted to make slime and keep some because his other one got thrown in the bin. My mistakes were that we left the slime out to long now it is hard  because the I think the liquid keeps it from hardening. I could improve by keeping the slime in the container longer because then maybe I could keep the slime slimy or I keep putting it in the mixture when I am not playing with it. I achieved to make slime but it hardened so it's like my last experiment now you can bounce it. If I do it again I would test my theory of the slime and if it works see if I keep it in liquid long enough. My theory overall is that liquid keeps the slime slimy because it's keep its moisturized and that will make it slimy. I showed a growth mindset when I the first slime didn't and the second dried up to make a bouncy ball so it was kind of sad when the slime didn't work because it didn't stay slimy. 

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