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Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Tree Climbing 
Are you scared of heights? I definitely am. Well this piece of writing is all about me climbing a tree on camp

We were at the forest camp and I was being challenged with climbing trees higher then you can imagine.When we were round the corner we saw the hulking trees swaying in the wind . The instructor wanted us to get our gear on. I slipped on the harness and clipped on the helmet. There are four things that you need to do to climb the trees. One is the climber another one is the rope manager and the other two are strength and belayer. 

Vanessa went up the tree. She made it to the top but she  was really scared to absail down because she had to let go of the tree and let all her weight on someone and the rope. Also then you had to kick away from the tree so you don't crash.

When it was my turn I was pretty nervous because I was scared of heights I crashed the  carabiners On then went to go to the ladder.
First step.
Second step.  
Third step. 
And here is the hard bit, a huge step. I stretched my leg and made it. Then I did the worst thing to do when you are scared of heights 

My eyes were taunting me. The ground kept going further and further. I was as scared as a deer running from a cheetah, so I said “Bring me down”. I abseiled down calmly and that was the last that I climbed trees for the whole session.
So if you want to climb a tree and you’re scared of heights then don't look down as your brain will taunt you 


In this piece of writing I have used simile like I was as scared as a deer running from a cheetah 

I think I am going well because
I understand how to use similes and activating nouns 

I need to work on using more language features because then the reader will get a better picture in their mind

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