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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Discovery time Reflection

Today at discovery time I did planter boxes with Darren, Felix, Andre, Pierre and Todd. We almost finished the cutting. Darren will finish the last cuts and next week we will start building.

The role I played was doing most of the cutting because I was the best at it because I was the strongest so I could do it the fastest. 

A strategy I used was watch an expert for measuring because there was a special way to do it.

Something I learnt was that builders work in millimetres not in centimetres because they need to have extreme precision.

A Struggle/challenge for me was getting it cut straight. I overcame it by concentrating and doing it slow then I  started to speed up.

I showed a growth mindset when I didn't give up when I couldn't saw straight.

Next discovery time I want to show an improvement by making my lines straight.

Overall I think I did well with all the work I did and I think that we will get this planter box done in no time.

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