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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Arts reflection

In term one We decided to make a performance for our term inquiry. The performance was “Our Day”. The day we chose was Tuesday, our discovery day so the day was very crazy.

The role I played was being one of the planter box group and the leader of the du du du du du. It was hard because I couldn't keep it in time because the singing and the beat made me confused.

A highlight was when we were in the groove, I felt really good because I just really liked the performance because we spent so much time on it,  and we finally fine tuned the day.I really liked performing it because I like when performing when everything is under control .

I learnt about Pumanawatanga and about the pulse in the class.

My next step is to be able to reflect and make improvements onmy work because if I can I will be able to keep growing and have a strong sense of growth mindset. 

My solo level of thinking is relational I can identify beat in many contexts and I understand the purpose of it.

Overall I enjoyed it because even though it was tiresome when we had to keep practising but  I enjoyed at the end when everybody clapped for us. 

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