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Sunday, 28 February 2016


As the machine crackled my mouth started to water. The rattling of the kernels overpowered the noise of the children and when the popcorn popped the crackling sounded like a faraway tamborine. I saw the popcorn shooting up and trying to escape the yellow monster. The smokey steam made me remember of the about going to the movies. When the first batch was done the taste was a plain smoky crunch that stayed in my mouth then our teacher poured more kernels and after a while a popcorn flew into the air  like superman and landed back into the bowl everybody started laughing.


  1. I love this piece Gabriel. It makes me feel like I am right beside you while it is happening! Your writing is full of imagery which transports the reader right to the scene. My favourite part is when you talk about the popcorn sounding "like the crackle of a faraway tamborine".

  2. This is very detailed and discripted from Felix