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Monday, 16 November 2015

My first rollercoaster

my first rollercoaster
It was blazing hot day. The breeze of the wind touched my skin and the chatter of people blew with the breeze, when my whole family went to Universal Studios. We were going to go on my first ever roller coaster.

We raced up the stairs to be stopped by a humongous line. We waited and waited until we finally got to the of end of line which seemed like hours. 

I plopped onto the cold hard stone. It felt like I jumped off a playhouse onto concrete. It hurt a lot but I still was very excited. We started to go up the hill of doom, as I called it then. 

When we reached the top, we zoomed down like a car going down a hill at top speed. 
Finally, it was over. I was so pumped up after that I asked my mum if we could do another roller coaster.
”Of course.” she said.

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  1. The first ride... Always one you will never forget. The adrenaline pumping afterwards making you want more. Sounds like it was just like that for you. Miss D :)