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Thursday, 8 September 2016


 Do you know the world is getting hotter because of global warming. Someone in our class said it's really good for England because it's really cold. Then I explained to him but when the world is  hotter it's melting ice and that is making the ocean rise and making things sink.My friend said oh that's really bad.

Global warming is caused by pollution that stays in the air for years and years and is making the atmosphere thicker. That  is trapping more of the Infrared radiation coming from the sun. That is making the world hotter and that is making ice melt and the sea rise to make cities and islands sink.

Global warming is horrible because it is making our ocean rise by melting ice  and will sink some islands like and Samoa and Fiji. About 23,600 square miles of Arctic sea ice melted every day in May, a record-high amount it has risen 10 to 20 centimetres in the last 100 years. 

 It is destroying Polar bears and Penguins, Polar bears because the ice is thinning and they can't hunt enough seals to eat and penguins because the heat is killing the Penguins antarctic krill. That will be the end of the world because money doesn't buy you happiness but is does buy you penguins and have you ever seen anyone who isn't happy with a Penguin.


 Do you know we waste 1 billion gallons of gas every year?
because our cars have got heavier and heavier cars use more 
Please we can't do much as an individual, but the things we can do is drive a smarter car, don't waste energy like leaving the light on,  but the best thing we can do is persuade the government to the expand the use of renewable energy and transform our energy system to one that is cleaner and less dependent on coal and fossil fuels increase vehicle fuel efficiency 
Place limits on the amount of carbon that polluters are allowed to emit.
Build a clean energy economy by  investing in efficient energy technologies, industries, and approaches.
Reduce tropical deforestation and its associated global warming emissions 
Reduce Oil mining In U.S, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Canada Because U.S mine 11,973,000 kilolitres per day 

Thank you for listening

 My partner was Andre and he liked all the facts because  I learnt a lot

Andre said it was perfect in every way 

DT Reflection

DT Reflection 
Today at discovery time I made slime with Felix and Andre down at the courts table.
I noticed Andre because he really wanted to make slime and keep some because his other one got thrown in the bin. My mistakes were that we left the slime out to long now it is hard  because the I think the liquid keeps it from hardening. I could improve by keeping the slime in the container longer because then maybe I could keep the slime slimy or I keep putting it in the mixture when I am not playing with it. I achieved to make slime but it hardened so it's like my last experiment now you can bounce it. If I do it again I would test my theory of the slime and if it works see if I keep it in liquid long enough. My theory overall is that liquid keeps the slime slimy because it's keep its moisturized and that will make it slimy. I showed a growth mindset when I the first slime didn't and the second dried up to make a bouncy ball so it was kind of sad when the slime didn't work because it didn't stay slimy. 

Thursday, 30 June 2016


Pride writing 

At the last Monday morning meetup of the term we were getting certificates for what we have done well. I was hoping for the thinking award. When Mr Anderson finally got to the thinking certificates I was very excited and really hoping that I get one. My  heart was pounding and I was breathing really fast. Finally when It was down to the last 4 certificates. He called my name, no... he said Gabriella Montelle. I stood up and walked to the stage with a smile of a lifetime and I was beaming when Mr Anderson shook my hand and gave me the certificate. The annoying thing is that my name was spelt it wrong as well but I was still proud that I got it. Everybody who got a certificate got a huge clap and then we went down back to where we were sitting. 

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Tree Climbing 
Are you scared of heights? I definitely am. Well this piece of writing is all about me climbing a tree on camp

We were at the forest camp and I was being challenged with climbing trees higher then you can imagine.When we were round the corner we saw the hulking trees swaying in the wind . The instructor wanted us to get our gear on. I slipped on the harness and clipped on the helmet. There are four things that you need to do to climb the trees. One is the climber another one is the rope manager and the other two are strength and belayer. 

Vanessa went up the tree. She made it to the top but she  was really scared to absail down because she had to let go of the tree and let all her weight on someone and the rope. Also then you had to kick away from the tree so you don't crash.

When it was my turn I was pretty nervous because I was scared of heights I crashed the  carabiners On then went to go to the ladder.
First step.
Second step.  
Third step. 
And here is the hard bit, a huge step. I stretched my leg and made it. Then I did the worst thing to do when you are scared of heights 

My eyes were taunting me. The ground kept going further and further. I was as scared as a deer running from a cheetah, so I said “Bring me down”. I abseiled down calmly and that was the last that I climbed trees for the whole session.
So if you want to climb a tree and you’re scared of heights then don't look down as your brain will taunt you 


In this piece of writing I have used simile like I was as scared as a deer running from a cheetah 

I think I am going well because
I understand how to use similes and activating nouns 

I need to work on using more language features because then the reader will get a better picture in their mind

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Arts reflection

In term one We decided to make a performance for our term inquiry. The performance was “Our Day”. The day we chose was Tuesday, our discovery day so the day was very crazy.

The role I played was being one of the planter box group and the leader of the du du du du du. It was hard because I couldn't keep it in time because the singing and the beat made me confused.

A highlight was when we were in the groove, I felt really good because I just really liked the performance because we spent so much time on it,  and we finally fine tuned the day.I really liked performing it because I like when performing when everything is under control .

I learnt about Pumanawatanga and about the pulse in the class.

My next step is to be able to reflect and make improvements onmy work because if I can I will be able to keep growing and have a strong sense of growth mindset. 

My solo level of thinking is relational I can identify beat in many contexts and I understand the purpose of it.

Overall I enjoyed it because even though it was tiresome when we had to keep practising but  I enjoyed at the end when everybody clapped for us. 

Discovery time Reflection

Today at discovery time I did planter boxes with Darren, Felix, Andre, Pierre and Todd. We almost finished the cutting. Darren will finish the last cuts and next week we will start building.

The role I played was doing most of the cutting because I was the best at it because I was the strongest so I could do it the fastest. 

A strategy I used was watch an expert for measuring because there was a special way to do it.

Something I learnt was that builders work in millimetres not in centimetres because they need to have extreme precision.

A Struggle/challenge for me was getting it cut straight. I overcame it by concentrating and doing it slow then I  started to speed up.

I showed a growth mindset when I didn't give up when I couldn't saw straight.

Next discovery time I want to show an improvement by making my lines straight.

Overall I think I did well with all the work I did and I think that we will get this planter box done in no time.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

My Special place

My Bedroom 

A soft bed cushions my body when I go to sleep.  
 A big blue board filled of memories from the past sits on my dresser.
My door muffles all the nagging from my brother and my sister. 
Bright happiness spreads around the room.
A closed cupboard conceals my treasured dress ups.